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Are You Angry That You Can't Lose Weight

Are you angry that you can't lose weight?

Anger is what I would consider a wasted emotion. It is unproductive. It keeps you stuck. It is a cover-up.

What do I mean? Well, anger is the most “go-to” emotion to hide what is being felt on a deeper level. For this reason, it is considered a secondary emotion. It masks the underlying, primary emotion.

Instead of asking why you are angry, we should instead ask ourselves what is my anger covering up? What is the primary emotion that I’m trying to hide? Is it fear, guilt, embarrassment, hurt, sadness?

When we identify the primary, deeper emotion, only then can we truly process it, gain perspective, and alter the approach. Emotional processing is essential to keep the mind and body balanced.

For example:

You’re SO angry that you can’t lose weight. You’ve done everything right and the scale just won’t budge!

What’s really going on here: Do you fear you’re never going to lose weight? What would it mean for you if you never did? Does that mean you aren’t worthy? Does it equate to whether or not you’ll find your soulmate? What is the weight loss holding you back from?

Being angry doesn’t change the situation. The underlying emotion still remains. Stop to acknowledge what is really going on, at a deeper level, and face it head on! By unveiling the underlying emotion, you will gain perspective.

Lay out the facts. Is it true that you won’t find your soulmate if you don’t lose weight? Absolutely not! Perhaps you don’t have the confidence to meet new people that you are attributing to your size? In other words, if you were skinnier, you’d feel more confident to talk to people.

What can you do right now to boost your confidence? Be consistent with your routine. Remind yourself that you are disciplined and a total badass! Grab a new outfit that you feel GREAT in! Plan a night out with some friends to meet new people. Despite your underlying fear, the FACT is: your size does not determine your worth or how lovable you are.

If you are frustrated with your healing progress, book an appointment. Let’s work together to align your mind and body to reach your health goals!

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