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Carnivore Hair Loss: Causes, Prevention, and How to Treat

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Have you recently started noticing increased hair loss on a keto or carnivore diet?

Are you seeing hair everywhere? In the shower? On your pillow? Every time you put your hands through your hair? Is this normal?

Anywhere from 1-10 hairs coming out when you rub your hands through your hair IS considered normal. Any more than that, I would consider the possible reasons for increased hair loss listed below.

What is the most common diagnosis? Telogen Effluvium which is a stress response which can be acute or chronic, but is entirely reversible! It occurs most commonly within ~2-3 months after starting a keto/carnivore diet as your body is adapting to this new lifestyle. However, it can occur at any point, especially if you’re making changes to your approach.

What is the most common cause? UNDEREATING!

Carnivore Hair Loss

Common causes of hair loss include:


High estrogen, low progesterone, also known as estrogen dominance can be seen in people on birth control pills, with high levels of stress/over exercising, exposure to chemical beauty and household products including BPA (in plastics), soy in food/products, and lavender essential oil to name a few.

High dihydrotestosterone is linked to genetics and the most common in male pattern baldness.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Vitamin D, B12, A, Zinc, biotin, selenium, and electrolytes!

  • Vitamin D: Add cod liver, salmon/roe, egg yolks

  • A, B12: add organ meats

  • Zinc: add organ meats, oysters

  • Biotin: avoid raw egg whites as these contain an antimicrobial protein known as avidin that tightly binds biotin and prevents its absorption. Add organ meats, cooked whole eggs or raw yolks, salmon

  • Electrolytes: Add twice daily electrolytes like LMNT or Redmond Re-Lyte

Undereating protein – amino acids are essential! Do NOT fear gluconeogenesis in a ketogenic state. Undereating is the number one cause of hair loss.

Fasting – this approach can down regulate your hormones, especially the thyroid

Carnivore Keto Hair Loss


For thinning hair, add collagen by incorporating oxtail, bones, feet, tendons, or bone broth to strengthen the hair.

So, how do you treat it?


This is a stress on the body and can also contribute to undereating (overall and/or not getting adequate daily protein).


Increase protein intake to consume at least 1g per pound of current body weight and increase specific foods listed above to treat nutrient deficiencies.


Limit exercise or resort to more slow/low intensity workouts and reduce tracking as this is an added psychological stress.

⭐ MINIMIZE EXPOSURE to toxic chemicals in your daily beauty & household products

  • Get rid of plastics in your home, replace with glass

  • Avoid soy in food and homegoods, like candles

  • Avoid lavender scented products, including lavender essential oil

  • Check out the @beautycounter’s Never List:

If you are struggling with hair loss or looking for additional guidance, I am here to help! Book your appointment today!

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3 comentários

Hi, I’ve never before heard to avoid lavender oil and products containing them. Always heard the opposite. What is the connection to hair loss or other?


Lucy Russell
Lucy Russell
14 de jul. de 2023

Hi Austin, I have been following a strict carnivore diet for 3 months and before this I was eating a keto diet for 4 years. I have epilepsy and this is what started me on this journey. I have noticed that my hair is falling out now. I do take 2.5mg of finasteride for hair loss and have been taking this for over 5 years. My question is, do I still need to take finasteride on a carnivore diet and is this combination creating my problem? Or is this something to expect on a carnivore diet when I'm already someone who has a history of hair thinning and loss?

patrick shore
patrick shore
26 de dez. de 2023
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looks like you need to book an appointment, money answers all things

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