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Food Satiety

I wish it were as easy as providing macros and the weight falling off in a set time frame. The fact is, the intricate workings of the human body cannot be easily simplified using a calculator. Dialing into calories and macronutrients is important if you have specific goals, but they are not the whole picture. Certain levels of fat and protein can make you feel more or less full depending on the person.

The best part of the human body is that it adapts and provides feedback! Rather than setting a weight scale goal, I encourage you to prioritize gaining awareness of your body’s feedback when it comes to your diet. You could have those magic macro numbers at hand, but if you are still hungry or find yourself in the restrict/binge cycle over and over again, we must consider other things.

Have you considered the volume of food or the amount of work it takes to break that food down? Many people say that ground beef isn’t as satiating. Why is this? Ground beef has a greater surface area as compared to a steak. It has been processed to some degree for you as compared to having to chew a steak more thoroughly. You are doing less work, less chewing with ground beef, potentially eating it more quickly which is less time for your brain to process whether or not you are full. Compare this to a steak, where more chewing is required and, hence, more time and more signaling to your brain is allowed. Your brain is able to provide better feedback with more time.

Another example would include hard-boiled eggs versus scrambled eggs. Solid butter versus heated to a liquid form. The volume of the food and the work that needs to be done to chew it both play a major role in satiety signaling. Something to consider!

If you are looking to start a keto/carnivore diet or need assistance with your current approach, book a consult call with me today!

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