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Hair Mineral Analysis Test

What is it?

A hair mineral analysis test is a useful test for looking at mineral deficiencies over time as well as heavy metal levels. These can point to nutritional deficiencies and chemical toxicities that are not revealed or well detected on blood testing.

We are what we absorb. You may be eating all the “right” foods but if you are not properly absorbing them, or there is an imbalance in ratios of minerals, vague/non-specific symptoms can occur. You may feel “off” or not as good as you initially did when you started this way of eating. A hair mineral analysis test is a useful tool to look deeper.

In addition, heavy metal levels are tested. The gut may be intact, however, due to chronic exposure to certain heavy metal levels, certain minerals are being blocked. For example, high levels of aluminum (most commonly used to coat cookware) can lead to zinc depletion and blockade which will, in turn, alter your zinc:copper ratio. Imbalance of zinc and copper has been shown to lead to inflammation and oxidative stress, affecting immune health and brain health, among other things.

In addition to lab work, this is an excellent tool to take your health to the next level. Need help with lab recommendations? Review of previous labs? Not sure if a hair mineral analysis test is right for you? I am here to help!

Book an appointment to discuss your unique history and next steps to check in on our health. A symptom is a signal that something is not balanced in the body. The details matter!

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