Austin Cavelli, MS, PA-C

I’m Austin! I help people optimize their health by burning fat for fuel and reducing years of underlying inflammation from the standard American diet. My approach focuses on quality nutrition by way of nutrient-dense animal products.

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I am a board certified, nationally accredited physician assistant. I have treated thousands of patients with acute and chronic inflammatory diseases, including various autoimmune conditions.


In addition, I have worked for several years in research studying addiction and the aging brain. My background in research has taught me how to carefully conduct experiments, a skill which has proven extremely useful in helping clients find what works specifically for them. 


In 2014, I earned my Master’s of Science degree from Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, in NYC. Prior, I received my bachelor’s degree in psychobiology from Binghamton University.


My Approach

Initially people do well when turning to a carnivore way of eating, whether they are coming from the standard American diet or even a low carb/ketogenic diet. Many people, however, continue to struggle with a few new or unrelenting symptoms. Sound familiar?


My approach focuses on food quality and bio-individuality. This means taking your carnivore lifestyle to the next level with laboratory analysis and a personalized plan tailored to your nutritional needs and health goals. There is no one-size-fits-all diet. With a custom plan, you will look and feel your best.


I want you to thrive, not just survive. 


Blood tests will be recommended and appropriately interpreted in the setting of a carnivore diet.

Quality food education and resources will be provided, empowering you to choose the most nutrient dense options no matter where you are.

Making sure your food intake is in line with your health goals is essential to see results. Food journal analysis, including macronutrient levels, will be provided.

Accountability is key.

You will have my one-on-one support as well as exclusive access to group support, via social media. Advice, tutorials, and recipes are included.





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Austin is very knowledgeable and personable. I needed a "been there, done that carnivore" person and professional. She related well to what I was experiencing and looking for. I now know going forward I have someone to monitor my blood and bounce things off of. I look forward to working with her going forward.



Austin, TX